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Award Announcements for AFTH

We are pleased to announce the winning entries for the 34th AFTH Show

257 pieces of art were entered in the adult art show with awards announced on Saturday, February 3rd during the opening reception. Awards were announced for 2D and 3D entries, in addition to photography awards.

In 2D:

1st Place: Artichokes by Brook Penick

2nd Place: Union Point Sunset by Chris Wagner

3rd Place: Raven and the Moon by Liz Morton

HM: Squall by Kristen Springle

HM: Vintage Women Rock by Naida Koraly

HM: Heron at Night by Kelsie Hornby


1st Place: Comfort Cup by Karen Mault

2nd Place: Taos Doorway by David Jaworski

3rd Place: The Butterfly Effect by Joshua Himmelstein

HM: Sunset Over Newport by Reagan Baker 


1st Place: Failed Deceptive Information by George Waiter Cole

2nd Place: The Carpenter by Philip Steranko

3rd Place: A Fish Called "Ruffles" by Gail Williams

HM: Blue Bird of Happiness by Lizzy Lawrence


And the People's Choice Awards

This year there were TWO prizes given for the People's Choice.

Congratulations to Jennifer Merlo for her creation Isabella.

And congratulations to Kristen Springle for her entry Squall

The Arts Council thanks our Judges, Jonathan Burger and Lee Hood, for their time and careful considerations leading to the above awardee selections.

Jonathan Burger is an arts administrator and artist based out of New Bern, NC. He has served as the Executive Director of the Craven Arts Council & Gallery since 2020, where he was previously the Gallery and Marketing Director, and has worked a variety of roles in the arts sector since 2011. His artistic practice focuses on large scale public art, including welded sculpture, painted murals, concrete, wood, and other mediums. 

Commissions include the Underwater Museum of Art Florida, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Greenville, NC), and the Arts Council of Carteret (Morehead City, NC).  Much of his studio work focuses on the human form, metaphysics, and ontology. He is also an instructor at Shop Class New Bern, a community makerspace, where he teaches welding, woodworking, and private lessons.

Lee Hood recalls his passion for the arts starting at the tender age of four. Art ran heavy in his family lineage, so he believed it was predestined to follow in the direction of pursing something art related, accepting his official start painting a mural for his high school along with redesigning the school’s logo.

Joining the military at 18, Hood took college courses and studied “plein air” painting during his free time. While serving in the U.S. Army, he discovered each city, state, and country -- one canvas at a time. When deployed to Haiti, both Hood and his Army colleague would “plein air” paint during the evenings to connect with the surroundings, people, and culture. 

 Following 20 years in the military, Hood returned to North Carolina, opening his own art studio, Large Brush Strokes, located downtown, New Bern. He participates in local art shows such as “Juneteenth” and paints murals throughout the city. He also assists nonprofit organizations working with children who are interested in art.


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