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Student Scholarship application for 2024

The Arts Council of Carteret County (ACCC) offers scholarship opportunities of up to $1,000 per student to provide tuition assistance to students pursuing degrees in the arts at the college level (two- or four-year courses of study). These are one-time (non-renewable) scholarships.

Scholarships under this program are available for tuition assistance only. They are not available to pay for private tutoring or classes other than those offered by accredited educational institutions.


a) For the purpose of these scholarships “arts” are defined to encompass vocal and instrumental music education, performance, music theory, composition, art, art history, architecture and design, arts education, creative writing, theatre, drama, dance, media arts, sculpture, film studies and photography.

b) Applicants must be high school seniors attending a public or private high school in Carteret County, NC. Homeschooled applicants residing in Carteret County will also be considered as eligible.

c) Applicants who have been accepted to attend or who are attending Carteret Community College (CCC) and pursuing a degree in the arts either at CCC or as a transfer student from CCC to an accredited educational institution in the United States will also be considered eligible.

d)  The Arts Council will also consider applicants who have not completed high school but have been accepted in advanced programs of study in art related disciplines.

e)  More than one student per household may be eligible; however, separate applications must be completed for each applicant.

f)  Children of Arts Council of Carteret County Board Members are not eligible to apply.

Awards: Awards are based on relevant experience, achievement in chosen field, academic potential, commitment to the field, and overall impressions as they relate to scholarship criteria.

The Arts Council scholarship committee will review applications from students and reserves the right to distribute no funding if there are no applicants who meet standards of acceptability. Scholarship checks will be made payable to the institution in which the student has enrolled. Students receiving scholarships will be required to provide the Arts Council official enrollment verification before checks will be issued.

Restrictions: The Arts Council reserves the right to withdraw an award if the student does not enroll in an arts-related program at an accredited higher education institution within nine months of the award, or if any of the application information is determined to be false.

Applications may be made through high school guidance counselors and art teachers, the guidance office at Carteret Community College or directly to the Arts Council of Carteret County at 1702 Arendell St, Morehead City, NC. 28557.

Application deadlines

  • Applications dropped-off directly with the ACCC should be delivered on or before Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

  • Applications submitted to the public school central office or to the guidance office at Carteret Community College are due on or before Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

  • Applications submitted directly to the ACCC by US mail must be postmarked on or before Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

  • No applications received by email will be accepted

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