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Grassroots grants are coming!

The application period for the 2024-2025 Grassroots Art Program grants will open in early April.  Since 1977, the North Carolina Arts Council’s (NCAC) Grassroots Art Program has provided citizens with access to quality arts experiences. ACCC serves as the NCAC’s partner in awarding sub-grants to local organizations for arts programs in Carteret County.

Applications are available for non-profit organizations whose purpose is to promote and develop diverse cultural arts programming.  These may include theaters, choral societies, festivals, arts in education programs and others, conducted by qualified artists and community organizations. Funding priority is evaluated based on the organization and the project’s scores on a number of important factors, including support for multi-cultural artists and the organization’s ability to stage the proposed event.  Grant applications are evaluated by a diverse panel of community members and voted on by the ACCC Board of Directors.  Awards are generally announced in October with projects completed by the following July. 

Application materials are available through a variety of methods and representatives are available to assist with the application process. For more information or special assistance, please contact the ACCC’s Grassroots Grant Coordinator via email at with your contact information.

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