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Carteret Health Care Art Gallery

May - mid July 2023

The Arts Council of Carteret County exhibiting artists in the Cassie Howe Algeo Gallery at the Carteret Health Care Center. This exhibit will be in the Gallery located in the hallway connecting the new and old lobbies of Carteret Health Care at 3500 Arendell St., Morehead City. As always these shows are free and open to the public at all times. These works of art were hung by the Carteret County Arts Council and are for sale and purchase through the Carteret Healthcare Foundation Office. Deborah Trower A 20 year Marine Corps Veteran with a love for photography and capturing life's moments. She specializes in portraits, black and whites, and creating art out of everyday simple things. Seeing life from various lenses allows her to create a path to making experiences captured feel timeless.

Kenny Higgins A native of Eastern North Carolina and son of a Marine Corps veteran and a great mom Barbara Higgins a Morehead City native. Kenny has lived many chapters in his life, and finally has the time to devote to a lifelong passion in the arts. Painting is truly a joy in his life and the late Bob Ross was an inspiration as a child and even now has helped him with the belief that “he can do it”! The colors and life that comes alive under his brush has helped him see the amazing beauty and joy in this world.

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