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Announcing Winners of For the Birds Show

The For the Birds Show has been one of the most successful in the 28 years at the Carolina Artist Gallery. There were 93 entries which necessitated adding another 20 feet of display wall to the 50 feet already in use! Congratulations to our show director Maria Morando and her team on putting together a great show.

The judge for our show, David Jaworski, early on determined there were too many pieces deserving an award so he established separate awards for the 3D and 2D works of art. Thank you David for the care and consideration you gave each piece. The awardees for this show were:

Awards for Three Dimensional Art

1st Place to Hope Leedom for The Seige

The judge noted this was a creative and satisfying composition. Worth sitting at!

2nd Place to J Ipock for Flash of Silver

The judge commented: Brilliant. Creative use of everyday cutlery. Transformational.

3rd Place to Martha Hooper for Heron

The judges comments were Elegant, intricate work, sumptuous detail.

Awards for Two Dimensional Art

1st Place to Bobbie Scheiler for Summer Solstice

The judge noted this was a stunning, classical style - evokes sense of awe

2nd Place to Penny Evans for Chicken Scratch

The judge comments were: Wildly creative and vibrant interaction of color, shapes and lines

3rd Place to Maria Morando for Where Egrets Go

The judge commented that this was exquisite, lush, and peaceful. Hits all the notes of green and white

Honorable Mention to Dodi Groesser for Wheee......

The judge said pure joy on happy colored backdrop

Honorable Mention to Karen Van Gamper for Snow Geese & Pintail Ducks

The judge noted this was unusual and compelling composition. Foreground is colorful anchor.

Congratulations to all our show awardees. Thank you to all the artists who entered this show. And a special Thank you to the students who have entered their very talented art pieces. Please come out to the Carolina Artist Gallery to see all of the For the Birds Show.

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