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NC CARES for Arts Grant Information

As part of North Carolina’s spending plan for federal CARES Act funding, $9.4 million was designated to provide direct aid to arts councils and arts organizations in an effort to mitigate business disruptions caused by COVID-19. These funds will be distributed on a per-capita basis to all North Carolina counties with a population less than one million. The Arts Council of Carteret County has been designated to administer these grant awards for Carteret County. The purpose of the funds is to offset business disruption and/or expenses incurred due to COVID-19 between March 1, 2020, and December 30, 2020.

The following expenses can be considered: paid salaries and benefits (including contractors), on-going operating expenses, costs associated with canceling programs and creating virtual programs, and COVID-related safety and cleaning measures. For the purpose of this grant program, revenue losses are not considered for mitigation. North Carolina CARES for Arts funding cannot reimburse any expenses already paid for by other federal relief funds such as PPP loans, direct grants from the NEA, and stimulus grants issued by the North Carolina Arts Council.

This program is available to arts-based [minimum 25%] non-profit organizations, artist co-ops and individual artists.


Deadline for submission is: November 9, 2020

Questions? Please contact ACCC Board Secretary, Mark Kelly,

Grassroots Grant Awards 2020-2021 

ACCC is pleased to announce the awardees of the 2020-2021 Grassroots subgrants:

Beaufort Picture Show: $500; safe, socially-distanced outdoor film series

Carolina Artist Gallery: $6,540; multiple arts-based events including "Special Hands" clay art program for special needs adults

Carteret Community Theatre: $6,000; summer theatre camps for children

Carteret Community Sunshine Band: $1,625; family-friendly concert series benefiting other local organizations

Downtown Morehead City, Inc.: $2,000; Liquid Pleasure, one of the "Alive at Five" concerts at Jaycee Park

Working Narratives: $2,058; community based arts & media training to develop youth leadership

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Grassroots Arts Program Grant Information

The Arts Council of Carteret County (ACCC) applies each year to the North Carolina Arts Council to obtain grant monies to make available to Carteret County nonprofit organizations to assist with arts and cultural programming. Grassroots grants are intended to fund art projects/programs that will be completed within the grant year. Programs can focus on theater, music, dance, writing, folk-life, or the visual arts.

Funds are made available through the North Carolina Arts Council’s Grassroots Arts Program to the 100 counties in North Carolina through a population-based formula. Fifty percent of the monies awarded to ACCC must be subgranted back into Carteret County in the form of Grassroots subgrants. Ten percent of the monies awarded must be directed to multicultural arts programming offered by multicultural performers. In FY 2018-19 ACCC was able to award over $15,000 to six Grassroots subgrantees.

A panel of citizens from the community review the grant applications, assessing the overall impact of the proposed program on the citizens of Carteret County, the excellence of the program, as well as its practicality.