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Vicky White

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Artist Vicky White, owner of Hair Biz/Dragonfly's Gallery in Morehead City, was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She moved to Carteret County in the early 1980s. When she took her shoes off and put her toes in the sand and breathed the salt air into her lungs, she knew there was no going back and would make Carteret County her home.

A hair stylist by trade, Vicky was offered her first job in Carteret County from Doris Banks at Total Concept Salon, an opportunity which opened the door for her to open Hair Biz less than a year later.

She says, “I have been very gifted to be able to look past my hands, combs, shears, and paint brushes.” With no formal art training she explored some art classes offered in the area but is mostly self-taught.

A short battle with cancer in early 2017 threw her a curve ball. Vicky says,” I must say it helped me to realize a lot of things, one of them being how short life truly is. I had some catching up to do. This is where I became more inspired to do my art which helped me to stay positive through that next year’s journey.”

She started exploring different media: paper, clay, acrylics and glass and loves them all. “My art is a reflection of the inspiration I get from where I live. I must also say having cancer made me slow down so I could grow with my art,” she said. She received an Award of Excellence and People’s Choice Award at ACCCs Art From The Heart in 2019 for a fish called “Bill – Riding Tides and Fairing Storms.” (See artist photo at left.) “Bill” is made of paper mâché from her cancer medical bills. “I took lemons and made lemonade,” Vicky remarked.

Vicky was recently chosen by ACCC to paint one of the sidewalk circles on 6th Street in downtown Morehead City. Her artwork of a cheerful dolphin is named “Holly” in honor of the female bottlenose dolphin who has been photographed each August near Beaufort since 1989. Holly returns each year with a pod of family, friends and a mate.

“I Love Where I Live, and I Have Grown Where I am Planted.” – Vicky White

Dragonfly Sculpture
Sea Turtle