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Joan Hustace Walker

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Artist Bio

Joan Hustace Walker’s entire career has been spent painting stories… but not with a brush; rather, she has been illustrating with words or photographs–or both. Walker spent the first two decades of her career as a working freelance writer and photojournalist, and her body of internationally award-winning, published work has been featured in thousands of newspapers, magazines, journals and books. Walker’s recent photographic awards include: 2018 & 2017 ASP State Elite Award, 2018 & 2017 Top Ten Photographer (VPPA), 2017 Best in Show (VPPA), 2017 CPP Award, 2016 & 2014 Team USA/World Photographic Cup, 2016 Grand Imaging Award/3rd, and 2016 Gold Medalist/Photographer of the Year.

Walker’s love of light and color coupled with her unique gift of visual storytelling is evident in both her art pieces, as well as her client work. Walker also frequently combines digital painting in layers of her portraiture and art for a unique and distinctive perspective. Her other love is black and white photography, with its ability to draw the viewer in to the imagery without the distractions of color. In order to ensure that her artist’s vision is completed with all of her photographic pieces, Walker has become a print artist as well, and now exclusively hand-prints her work using the finest pigments on archival, OBA-free photo rag papers.

Walker holds the degree of Master of Photography (M. Photog.) as well as the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) certification from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). She is a NIKON Pro and is an active member of ASP, NPPA, PIGOENC, PPA, PPNC, and VPPA. Walker’s photography studios are located at 700 Arendell Street #14: Joan H Walker Photography (a fine art portrait studio) and Woof Tracks Photography (an equine and dog portrait studio).

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