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Verena J. Murvin

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Artist Bio

April 12, 2018 – I was born and raised in England in the beautiful area of Suffolk county. My love of art started as a very young child. I studied the flowers and plants in my father’s garden and used pencil and crayons to put them on paper. There is nothing like a true English garden to inspire a budding artist.

I married and moved to the USA. Like many women artists, I spent many years raising my family with little or no time left to draw or paint, I knew one day I would paint again.
When I retired and moved to the East coast of NC, I started studying watercolor. I am a self-taught artist. I started with a few tubes of watercolor paint, a sheet or two of paper, a couple of brushes and art instruction books for their valuable information. I still use my books as a reference library today.
I prefer to work from my photos, so I can capture the play of sun and shadow which is critical in the design of my paintings. I get a lot of pleasure from painting my paintings and hope people who look at my paintings get pleasure from looking at them.

I keep painting and enjoying my life with my husband Richard and cat Fara.

“The earth has music for those who listen” -William Shakespeare

Glory of the Morning
Purple Haven
Skippers Rest
Unexpected Visitor