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David Craver

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Artist Bio

David Craver, “The Carver,” grew up in Reedy Creek, Davidson County, NC. He later moved to Welcome and went to work at Old Salem in Winston-Salem.

He, his wife Jane, and their dog BooBoo, live in Emerald Isle. They’ve lived in Carteret County for twenty years. From their perch on the front-yard deck there is a great view of Onslow Bay.

David and Jane affectionately call their home “The Yellow Submarine,” a clear give away to the era he grew up in and insight into his “hippie” sensibilities.

Sculptures of a Dolphin and an Octopus adorn their front yard and are tangible signs of what goes on in the “He Shed” behind the house.

While at Old Salem, David was assigned to the Horticulture Department and Building Restoration.

David restored pre-1850 Log Homes for 40 years after leaving Old Salem. He also worked at Tiara Yachts which eventually became Hatteras Yachts in Swansboro. He was a Master Carpenter in the Boat Yard.

David speaks fondly of the years he restored log homes. There were times he’d be presented with just a pile of old logs in a field. He had to “birth a child,” as he says, and put together those logs like “dinosaur bones.”

This working with wood as an artisan was a foundation to his emergence as the stellar artist he is today. He learned the natural geometry and symmetry of wood structures. And, he had a natural eye for color.

Several years ago, on the heels of a near life-ending illness, David and Jane slept restlessly. They prayed. The next morning, when David woke up, he looked at Jane and said “I’m gonna do Art.” David has been a prolific producer of Art ever since, creating coastal inspired works in wood, copper, and acrylic, ranging from turtles, to sea birds, to lighthouses, and beyond. His work has been sold to collectors across the country.

So why does David do art? He says “I don’t do art for a living, I do art for a life!”