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Sally Anger

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Artist Bio

Sally Anger grew up in the coastal town of Beaufort North Carolina, and is a full-time, professional artist. After traveling throughout the United States and in many countries including Europe and South Africa, she is currently residing back in her home town.

This is how one patron describes her art:

The paintings of Sally Anger offer a glimpse into a realm where the prosaic images of life are transformed into the exotic and the extraordinary. Her canvases are forged in realism and tempered with impressionistic and abstract elements, all subtly alloyed to present a compelling and intelligent look at her subjects.

In this realm a simple portrait becomes a window, a portal into a human universe captured in an expression or a tilt of the head, light of the eyes, the anticipation of imminent movement. These are real people, candid and vulnerable, frankly captured between heartbeats in an unguarded moment when secrets are divulged. They cipher your emotions back to you with ironic and intelligent redirection. – Gary Goldstein, 2006

Sally is a member of the Arts Councils of Carteret and Craven Counties, the Wilmington Art Association and the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh, NC. She is a former board member of the Arts Council of Carteret County and is past president of Arts for the Hospital at Carteret Health Care. Her artwork is on display at Craven County Arts Council & Gallery, Carolina Creations, and Fine Art at Baxter’s in New Bern, NC.

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