2nd Annual Sound Side Sweep

Event Date: 20-Apr-2019

2nd Annual Sound Side Sweep • 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Join us Saturday, April 20th for free coffee, free yoga, and a few hours on the water, cleaning up our favorite waterway!

This will be a Bring Your Own Boat Event, meaning, we will not be pairing volunteers to boats like last year. This is where spreading the word become very important. Ask your dad, your neighbor, your husband, your local charter captain, or anyone else you can think of. Don't want trash on your boat? No worries! We are planning on having one or two boats specifically for hauling trash, so your boat will only be needed for you and your crew. Don't have a boat? A Kayak or paddle board works too!

For more details, 252-646-7163 or www.boguebanks.surfrider.org